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The advent calendar I always wanted!

Games like D&D have helped me keep in touch with my friends during the pandemic, I haven’t been able to open my forge as much as I would like and so I’ve been coming up with and designing other products.
I designed an Advent Calendar that I’d love to receive, that is chock full of daily treats and everything has a use after each of the doors have been opened it can be turned into a custom dungeon door token for table top gameplay.

Each day brings fresh new loot!

Every day is like an adventure! “The first thing you notice about this door is the scratching coming from the other side, stepping closer you see the word danger carved into the board that’s been hastily nailed across the door, roll for perception!”
-Each one is individually cut and can be used as a display cabinet for your trinkets.

The Adventurers Calendar comes with everything below! and MORE

  • Two full sets of seven dice- colour matched
  • 13 Condition tokens compatible with 5e Dnd including 1 clear invisibility marker
  • 24 doors and bases to make them into Table top tokens
  • Set of 5 Frog soldier table top tokens
  • 1 Clear ghost token to be used for invisible players or monsters
  • Paper Loot Scrolls with things like healing potions or as Inspiration Tokens
  • Mini Set of Water colours to bring the doors and frogmen to life
  • 1 random Enamel pin
  • D&D related Stickers
  • Tiny glass potion bottle full of glitter (my personal nod to the season!)
  • Easy wall hanging via two keyholes on the back.
  • Once the calendar is fully open the front panel can be removed and the box makes a display cabinet for you own collection of minis or dice
  • The sides of the box are castle themed (this one is important!)

This item they will be posted before mid November!

Check out some other pictures on Instagram.  Or check out my new customisable Dice boxes

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