Hand forged viking Rune Keyrings


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These Hand Forged Rune Keyrings can be customized with any rune from the Elder Futhark(basically the Norse alphabet) of your choice.

If you do not let me know which rune you would like then I will draw a rune for you at random.

Here is a list of some runes and the specific meanings associated.

Fehu, Meaning: wealth.

Uruz, Meaning: bullish, strength of will.

Thurisaz, Meaning: danger, suffering.

Ansuz, Meaning: prosperity, vitality.

Raidho, Meaning: travel, movement, work, growth.

Kaunan, Meaning: mortality, pain.

Gebo, Meaning: gift, generosity.

Wunjo, “joy.” Meaning: joy, ecstasy.

Hagalaz, “hail.” Meaning: destruction, chaos.

Naudhiz, Meaning: need, unfulfilled desire.

Isa, Meaning: stillness, ice, stability.

Jera, Meaning: harvest, reward, year cycle.

Eihwaz, Meaning: strength, stability, Yew tree.

Algiz, Meaning: protection from enemies, defence of that which one loves.

Sowilo, Meaning: success, solace.

Tiwaz, Meaning: victory, honour, warrior.

Berkanan, Meaning: fertility, growth, sustenance, birch tree.

Ehwaz, Meaning: trust, faith, companionship.

Mannaz, Meaning: man, augmentation, support.

Laguz, Meaning: formlessness, chaos, potentiality, the unknown.

Ingwaz, Meaning: fertilisation, the beginning of something, the actualisation of potential.

Othalan, Meaning: inheritance, heritage, tradition, nobility.

Dagaz, Meaning: hope, happiness.

If you would like specific meaning but don’t know which Rune you would like, please get in touch and I’ll help you if I can.


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